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Bob Angelo

Author, The NFL Off-Camera

About Bob Angelo

Multiple Emmy Award winning Producer, Director, Writer, Editor and Cinematographer  


I grew up on Neville Island, a small suburb of Pittsburgh, PA, located five miles northwest of the city in the Ohio River. 


I played baseball, football and basketball for Neville High School before my 1970 graduation. 

I received Baccalaureate Degrees in both newspaper journalism and existential philosophy from Penn State University in 1974.

I earned a professional program Master’s Degree in broadcast journalism from Northwestern University in June of 1975.  


Less than two weeks later, I started my 43+ year career at NFL Films.


In retirement, I watch NFL football telecasts with more interest and zeal than ever. To me, NFL Red Zone is the ultimate television experience.


I still enjoy studying, analyzing and writing about the league’s teams and history.  I doubt that will ever change.  


So, whether you're a hardcore fan or just interested in learning more about plays and players from the past and present, join me here to celebrate “America’s Game!”   

Bob Angelo

Career Highlights (in no particular order)


  • Developed, co-produced and directed Hard Knocks (first two seasons) for HBO Sports (2001-02)


  • Produced, directed, wrote and edited The Super Seventies, an hour-long national network telecast for NBC Sports (1980)           


  • Produced, wrote, directed and edited multiple Pop Warner Super Bowls for ESPN (mid 2000’s)


  • Co-produced and directed multiple Quarterback Challenge shows for NFL network broadcast partners (mid 2000’s)


  • Produced, directed, wrote and edited Legends of the Game segments for The NFL Today on CBS (early 1980’s)


  • Produced, directed, wrote and edited NFL Storybook segments for Inside the NFL on HBO Sports (late 1990’s – early 2000’s)


  • Produced, directed, wrote and edited feature shorts for Grandstand on NBC Sports (late 1970’s)


  • Produced and directed This Is the NFL, NFL Films’ nationally syndicated magazine show (1986-88)


  • Produced and directed Where Are They Now? series for ESPN (1989) 


  • Co-produced and directed Six Days to Sunday for TNT Sports and Seven Days to Monday Night segments for ABC’s Monday Night Football (1990’s)


  • Produced Playbook for NFL Network (2003-06) 


  • Won 21 national Sports Emmy Awards in various categories

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