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Bob Angelo

Thoughts On The Game
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Thoughts On The Game

Updated: Dec 30, 2022

If you’re reading this, chances are you like pro football. On this site, it’s both my job and my promise not to bore you with the SOS. So here’s what to expect:

During the NFL season, I’ll provide weekly “insights” into upcoming games.

I can’t tell you who’s going to win games or cover particular point spreads. Odds-makers and bookies are pretty damn good at their jobs, and my “expert” analysis qualifies as nothing more than another well-informed guess. Every so often I feel “certain” about a particular outcome, a lock, if you will!

But even then, I’m not always right. The same goes for fantasy lineups. If you want to make money wagering on the NFL, I’m not your best bet.

On Mondays (and other days) after games, I’ll tell you who’s hot, who’s not and why. I watch games the way coaches watch them and see things that coaches see, the result of countless hours reviewing NFL Films’ game coverage from multiple angles as well as studying the same coaching tapes coordinators & coaching staffs use to formulate game plans.

I will never write, “They were sitting in a two deep shell with no robber in place to counter the strong side slot receiver’s delayed crossing route.”

But I will identify team strengths, weaknesses and tendencies, especially those that contribute to outcomes.

I’ll tell you why a certain QB had a career day against another team’s coverages… Or why Team A’s pressure packages overran Team B’s protections… Or why one of the best RBs, WRs or TEs in the sport failed to make a dent against a certain defensive scheme.

If this helps your future football forecasts in a useful or profitable way, so be it.

I’ll also write about players and coaches from the past as the mood strikes me and space allows. When I spot a former player I used to know now working a sideline as an assistant coach and there’s a story there, I’ll recall our time together. When a retired player or coach I know something about makes headlines, I’ll weigh in with my own thoughts/observations.

I’ll analyze and compare today’s TV network broadcast teams with some of yesterday’s crews, offering my candid assessments of both. And when an NFL obituary doesn’t do the deceased person justice—and I have something more to say—I most certainly will.

Stay tuned,

Bob Angelo

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